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THE MORRIGAN Anointing Oil

THE MORRIGAN Anointing Oil

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Dedicated to the Celtic Goddess of Magick and Might

She is a captivating contradiction: a powerful dark female who both haunts and heals. She is warrior, queen, death omen, mother, murderer, lover, spy, conspirator, Faerie, shape-shifter, healer and the living Earth herself.

Few goddesses attract as much reverence and notoriety as The Morrigan.

This anointing oil created in communion with and in deep ritual with Her to captivate and embody her allure which is both feminine and mighty.

Anoint your temples and wrists to honour her as an offering, to connect with her and her many attributes.

A sultry blend of herbs, resins and woods for STRENGTH, WISDOM & POWER.

* Scented the same as her devotional candle and cauldron.

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