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STOLAS Ritual Candle, Ars Goetia Candles, Candle Offerings, Offering Candle, Soy

An offering candle created in honour of Prince Stolas (also known as Stolus and Stolos) from the Ars Goetia of The Lesser Key of Solomon together with his sigil and daemonic enn from Goetia Illustrated with Pathworkings by Carl Spartacus.

One of the most effective tools for connecting with a demonic entity are corresponding sound frequencies, also known as enns. Whether you’re trying to evoke a demon or simply invoke its energy in the moment, using a demon’s enn as a chant or a mantra can be powerful.

Scented in Cedarwood essential oil and hand-poured during the corresponding planetary hour and day.

Stolas is known to bear a superlative knowledge of astronomy, the value of precious stones, and the effectiveness of herbs or poisonous plants. He will impart that knowledge to those who summon him and is therefore a powerful ally to anyone who would like to learn these areas to use in their craft and practice.

I also offer candles prepared for all 72 of the Ars Goetia Demons. Please contact me for a specific one.

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