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This is what I call a 'soul reading' which is similar to an Akashic reading wherein we focus on your spiritual and soul's growth evolution in this lifetime.  I go back into your past, present and future lives. It is extremely detailed and thorough outlining and highlighting what your soul's evolutionary path is in this lifetime. Your soul Guides will come through with messages and sometimes loved ones come through too although that is not the main purpose/focus of this reading.  I will always allow loved ones to come through with messages if they are present. Session takes a minimum of 1 1/2 hours or more. 

They are very unique sessions, usually life changing and eye opening because they come from a deep soul level. They are meant to put you on track so to speak and at least give you a roadmap as to where you are at and what is happening.  It is of course ultimately up to you to follow through and look into it further with the information that is given. 

Here is what some people have had to say after having a Soul Reading session with me:

"My reading with Katerina was one of the best and most profound experiences I've ever had.  They way she channeled information from my guides was unlike anything I've felt before. I gained insights into my past lives which helped me make sense of emotions and anxieties I've dealt with my entire life. I also gained insights into how to move forward in this lifetime to be able to live a life of purpose and wholeness. I will be forever grateful for Katerina for sharing her amazing gifts and giving me the type of direction I've been yearning for.  Her kindness and genuine happiness and support for the message you receive is one of a kind'. K.P.

"Katerina is absolutely incredible! Truly one of the most profound readings I have ever experienced! Not only was she so easy to speak to, but she provided clarity, direction, messages and was able to answer all my questions and give me work to help me on my path. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have seen her and am so excited to have a new spark in my life! I feel aligned with my soul's purpose after years of searching! A truly gifted and amazing soul! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me and helping me to transform my world!. L.M.

Session is done via WhatsApp. 


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