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MUGWORT OIL, Ritual Oil, Astral Travel, Dream Recall

Folk Names: Mugwort, Artemis herb, Artemisia, Muggons, Old Man, Felon Herb, Cronewort, Motherwort, Chrysanthemum Weed, Sailor’s Tobacco, Chinese Honeysuckle, California Mugwort, St. John’s plant
Family: Asteraceae
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Powers: Astral Projection, Prophetic Dreams, Protection, Psychic Powers, Strength
Magical Uses and History: Mugwort is often considered. a witch's best friend in dream magic. lt is a member of the Artemisia family, a family of botanical named after Artemis, protector of women, fertility, creativity, witchcraft, and psychic ability. No other plant has a more powerful association with magic, especially dream magic, than Mugwort.

This Dream Oil was prepared to assist with Dream Recall, Lucid Dreaming and for Astral Travel. Mugwort helps to assist you recall your dreams or astral travels and recall any workings you experience in your night travels. Much of the gnosis we are gifted while progressing on our path transmits information, gnosis and deep witchcraft knowledge through our dreams and astral travels. It’s always important to write down our dreams and astral travels to help us unravel what we have discovered and help us to root it into our aura. Mugwort is extremely active and you will gain the best results when you consider exactly what you want from the dreamwork and from the plant itself. Ask the plant just before use exactly what you want clarity on. Otherwise, you will recall every little bit of information that may not be useful to you in the moment.

The Mugwort used in this oil was lovingly grown and harvested in my garden during the full moon.

Apply to your pressure points, third eye or on bottom of feet.
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