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Venus Moon Emporium



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Blend, Herbal Resin Incense, Ritual Tools

He has so many forms, masks and names…
Known by the Hindu’s as Shiva..
Known by the Romans as Janus
Known by the ancients as Attar
Known by the Hebrews as Samael
Known by the Greeks as Prometheus and Pan
Known in Iran as Melek Taus (The Peacock Angel)
BUT he is The Morning Star, The Lord of Light, Lord of the Trident, Prince of Darkness, The Bringer of Fire and the Champion of Mankind. He spreads light, knowledge, illumination and revelation to all who care to get to know him.

Lucifer Summoning Incense Blend was lovingly created as an incense offering dedicated to The Morning Star himself. It is a rich and intoxicating blend of herbs and resins agreed upon in ritual helping to create an inviting atmosphere conducive for communicating with him.

It can be burned as an incense as an offering to him, to bless ritual tools, to amplify candle magick spells, or sprinkled on your tarot deck to receive messages.

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