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 Soy Candle with Lilith Sigil and Pendant

Lilith Ritual Pillar Candle - an Ode to Queen Lilith

Hand poured and hand dripped pure soy wax pillar candle for your daily rituals and connection with Lilith - Goddess of the Underworld.

The true origins of Lilith as a goddess are shrouded in mystery and there are so many different stories told, you don't know what to believe. Only those who work with her energy and presence intimately truly come to understand and know who she is. I am overflowing with love, admiration and awe of Her. To those who she does choose to reveal and work with, know that you have been infinitely blessed by this powerful goddess. She reveals herself to the chosen few, and only then reveals just a small portion of her innate glory! So let her power shine with you and this candle as a daily devotional to her.

Comes with a pendant of Lilith's sigil tied around the pillar candle for you to wear or use as an ornament for your altar. Scented with just a hint of damask rose and musk.

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