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Hekate Ritual Candle, Dark Moon Candle

The Dark Moon which occurs every month on the night before the New Moon represents the beginning of a new cycle. The power of the Dark Moon is equal to that of the Full Moon.

The Rite of the Dark Moon - On this day it is a time to express our gratitude towards Hekate and holding the ancient practice of holding a Hekate's Supper after sundown. This consists of evoking Hekate, and performing a ritual in Her name to remove negative energies, leaving offerings of food and drink and ask for blessings in in Her name.

This candle is ritually prepared by evoking Hekate and asking for her protection and blessings. It can be used for any New Moon Ritual or any ritual wherein you summon and ask for Hekate's presence to bless your workings.

The candle is topped with a wax Strophalos (also known as Hekate's Wheel), an ancient Greek symbol and is an emblem of the initiatory lunar Goddess Hecate (Diana Lucifera), and her triple aspect. The Strophalos depicts the serpent of life in all things. The outer circle is Hekate as the World Soul, representing her as the creator and mediator between us and the universe. The labyrinth signifying birth and rebirth and finally another circle representing our sovereignty and the the divine within all of us.

Herbs associated with Hekate are infused into the wax and sprinkled around the Stropholos on top of the candle. Naturally scented with the herbs, wax and some Benzoin resin.
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