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LILITH Anointing Oil

LILITH Anointing Oil

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Dedicated to the Goddess of Darkness and Light

Lilith the longhaired she demon of the night, a mighty force of power whereby men in the thirteenth century, warned other men against her awesome force. She was Adam's first wife, the female Leviathan, the wife of Samael the Devil and King Ashmodai, the Queen of Sheba and Zamargad. She arose from chaos but one thing is clear throughout all accounts of her is that she is a counter force, a balancing factor, an opposite but equal weight to God's goodness and maleness.  (Koltuv)

This anointing oil was created in communion with and in deep ritual with Her to captivate and embody her divinely powerful and seductive femininity.  

Anoint your temples and wrists to honour Her as an offering, to connect with her and her many attributes.

A sweet and seductive scent to stimulate the senses for SEX, POWER & SEDUCTION for working with the Goddess Lilith.

10 ML black glass vial with black obsidian roller. Pure essential oils. 

* Scented the same as her devotional candle and cauldron.

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