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Aradia Loose Incense Blend

Keeper of The Blue Flame
Regina di Fata (Queen of the Fae)

A sacred mixture of herbs, resins, gums, powders, essential oils and powerful plant allies all hand-blended  to be used in your ritual space, as an offering to ARADIA.

Has an earthy, soft floral and citrus scent. 

Burning loose incense blends is a sacred ritual in witchcraft, serving to connect practitioners with deities. Through prayer and invocation, the deity is invited to join the ritual, and as the incense burns, its smoke symbolically carries intentions and offerings to the divine realm. The act of burning incense bridges the mundane world with the spiritual, creating a direct line of communication between the practitioner and the deity. This connection is further enhanced by incorporating astrological correspondences, aligning the ritual with cosmic energies. As the smoke rises, it carries the practitioner's prayers and blessings, establishing a profound connection with the divine.

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