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Soy Pillar Candle with Crescent Moon Pendant

Aradia Ritual Pillar Candle - an Ode to Queen of the Fae  

Hand poured and hand dripped pure soy wax pillar candle for your daily rituals and connection with Aradia - The Keeper of the Blue Flame.

Aradia is known as the Champion of Witches - She is often described as the Witches Messiah, the saviour sent to Earth by the old gods to help their enslaved people to be liberated from the oppression of the Roman Catholic Church and the Italian upper classes.

She claims that witches have thirteen primary powers (and in no way does this limit them to more!) that she bestows upon her followers.

Comes with a crescent moon pendant tied around the pillar candle for you to wear or use as an ornament for your altar. 

Scented with a mixture of earthy and light floral mist with an undertone of citrus. 

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