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ARADIA Anointing Oil

ARADIA Anointing Oil

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Dedicated to the Keeper of the Blue Flame and Goddess of the Fae (Regina di Fata)

Aradia is the daughter of Diana and Lucifer. She represents equality, liberation, independence and celebrates witchcraft as a form of rebellion to liberate the oppressed. She teaches The Craft to witches to empower and enable them in times of desperation.

This anointing oil was created in communion with and in deep ritual with Her to captivate and embody her divinely soft and powerful strength.  

Anoint your temples and wrists to honour Her as an offering, to connect with her and her many attributes.

A woody and soft floral scent of essential oils corresponding with the Goddess Aradia when working with her to help you achieve your GOALS & DESIRES, to support breathing and encourage the MIND to FOCUS. 

10 ML black glass vial with black obsidian roller. Pure essential oils. 

* Scented the same as her devotional candle, incense and cauldron.

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