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Aradia Ritual 7-Day Candle - an Ode to Queen of the Fae  

Hand poured soy wax candle for your daily rituals and connection with Aradia - The Keeper of the Blue Flame.

She claims that witches have thirteen primary powers (and in no way does this limit them to more!) that she bestows upon her followers.

Scented with a mixture of earthy and light floral mist with an undertone of citrus. 

Aradia, known as the Keeper of the Blue Flame, is a figure deeply rooted in Italian folklore and modern Wiccan traditions. She is believed to be a central figure in the Stregheria tradition, a form of Italian witchcraft.

According to legend, Aradia was born to the goddess Diana and a mortal man, becoming a bridge between the divine and human realms. She was sent to Earth with a mission to teach and guide witches, empowering them to reclaim their magical heritage and resist oppression.

Aradia is often associated with the blue flame, symbolizing wisdom, healing, and spiritual enlightenment. She is said to have traveled throughout Italy, spreading her teachings and gathering followers who sought liberation from societal constraints and spiritual empowerment.

Her story was popularized in the late 19th century by the Italian folklorist Charles Leland in his book "Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches," which presented her as a messianic figure leading a rebellion against tyranny and injustice.

In modern Wiccan and witchcraft traditions, Aradia continues to be revered as a symbol of liberation, empowerment, and the sacred feminine. She represents the eternal flame of wisdom that burns within each practitioner, guiding them on their spiritual journey towards enlightenment and freedom. 🌟🔵


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