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Venus Moon Emporium



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Hand-poured soy candles for all your Sabbat Rituals, Spells, Communing with Spirit and Intentions. Poured into a solid cast iron cauldron with a cast iron lid, these candles provide an amazing cozy autumn feel into your home and space.

A hefty large-sized cauldron each made with a specific intention according to the appropriate phases of the moon together with corresponding scents, herbs and crystals. I place 4-5 large crystals (varying types depending on availability).

Wisdom/love (purple): Lavender, sweet sage, amethyst, quartz crystal, rose quartz

Protection (White): Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Quartz Crystal, Howlite

Lilith/Passion (Red): Lilith's Sacred Herbal Blend, Dragon's Blood, black tourmaline, black onyx, quartz crystal, Black Tourmaline with Matrix

Prosperity (Green): Peppermint, green aventurine, quartz crystal, pyrite, emerald quartz

Hekate, Protection and cleansing (Black): Hekate's sacred herbal blend, moonstone, labradorite, red jasper, quartz crystal, pyrite, black kyanite, Black Tourmaline with Matrix

Made with soy coconut wax blend with a zinc-free wick.

Once the candle is done you can clean the wax out of the cauldron and use it for smudging, incense burning, ritual purpose, decoration, etc.

As with any candle, DO NOT LEAVE THESE UNATTENDED at any time.

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