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BANISH + PROTECT Spelled Candle

BANISH + PROTECT Spelled Candle

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This is a powerful banishing candle that will chase and remove all unwanted and negative energies and entities around you and your physical space. 

Use it to banish and cleanse an area and/or use it regularly if you do astral and spell work both before and after working in ritual. 

* contains over 21 botanical herbs, resins, roots, magical oils, and essential oils all chosen for their banishing and protective properties.
* removes negative energies and spirits
* attracts a higher energy vibration in its place

5 oz candle in a metal tin adorned with a death moth wax figure.

Hand-poured soy candles infused with herbs and plant spirits together with the energy of the Waning Moon. These candles are special intention and manifestation candles accessing the powerful energies of the Moon and supported by the crystalline energies specifically chosen along with powerful herbs.

*****I strongly suggest burning the BANISH+PROTECT candle before burning any other manifestation/intention candles are burned.  Burn at least once a week for best results and ensure that a window is left slightly open while burning the candle to ensure entities and energies are removed.

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