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So excited to launch this new Herbal Tattoo Balm to help keep your tattoo in good condition while it heals, resulting in a vibrant and beautiful tattoo! It will help to reduce itchiness and dry skin thanks to the addition of aloe vera, and healing botanicals such as Calendula and Lavender among others which are solar infused in Argan oil for maximum benefits. This Tattoo Balm can be used at any stage of healing of your new or existing tattoo helping to heal the skin in addition to soothing and moisturizing it, not to mention keeping it looking vibrant and healthy!

Balms have a thicker consistency than lotion which allows it to stay on the skin longer so it can absorb the healing properties of the balm but also provide a longer lasting protective layer on your skin.
Made with pure Argan oil to protect the skin from sun damage, deeply moisturizing and hydrating your skin.

Lightly scented with pure essential organic oil of Lavender. Artificial scents and perfumes aggravate healing skin but pure essential oils such as Lavender helps to heal and soothe your skin.
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